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October 2006


Do you ever feel stuck or confused about what your next step is in your career, relationship or life? If you’re like many of us, this confusion and indecision can drain your energy and motivation. This month's article offers ideas to help you gain focus and clarity by exploring your life purpose.

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  • 9 Ways to Explore Your Life Purpose

    Do you ever feel stuck or confused about what your next step is in your career, relationship or life? If you’re like many of us, this confusion and indecision can drain your energy and motivation. One way to gain focus and clarity is to explore your life purpose.

    According to Buckminster Fuller, a well-known inventor from the twentieth century, you can learn about your life purpose by exploring the life purpose of a honeybee:

    "It is possible, just possible, that the honeybee has a life purpose. What would that life purpose be? To pollinate plants, to keep life on earth going. We wouldn't exist if it wasn't for honeybees."

    "But do you think the honeybee gets up each morning and says to herself that she has to pollinate plants? No. She just has - what goal? To collect nectar to make honey."

    "In the case of the honeybee, it's the smaller goal of pollinating plants that has the much larger side effect and the real impact - the maintenance of life on earth."

    Following this theory, I invite you to take the emphasis off of discovering your life purpose – which can be daunting and overwhelming – and, instead, simply focus on getting into action with small goals and noticing what brings you joy. It's easy.

    Following are a few ideas to get you moving:

    1) Research local non-profit organizations and volunteer for one whose mission really inspires you
    2) Learn a new language, musical instrument or how to draw or paint
    3) Go to events where you meet people with similar interests
    4) Start a garden in your back yard or on a community plot
    5) Explore your ancestry and travel to track down your roots
    6) Teach a continuing education class on a subject in which you’re knowledgeable
    7) Attend conferences and seminars on topics that interest you
    8) Get involved with your child's school or team
    9) Train for an athletic race or join a sports team

    As you get into action, simply be aware of what you do best (your gifts, talents and skills) and explore with your coach what brings you joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. Chances are, they’re related.

    If you explore that which brings you joy, the universe will respond well. This doesn’t mean that all of your feedback will be positive. On the contrary, getting flak is a sure sign that you’re really exploring your life purpose and not sitting quietly on the side-lines. It's good to stir things up a bit.

    When you really commit to exploring your life purpose, eventually, you will find that you shine with an unmistakable light. Explore your light. Uncover your light. The more you truly explore that which brings you joy, the more focus and clarity you will have in your career, relationships and life.

    Amber Rosenberg is the principal of Pacific Life Coach, a life and business coaching company that guides entrepreneurs, small business owners and other professionals to success on their own terms doing what they love. She is a contributor to the book 'Inspiration to Realization', a self-help book for women, a popular speaker, and a writer for Know Yourself Magazine. She also has 10 years marketing and PR experience for Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. To sign-up for a COMPLIMENTARY half-hour phone coaching session, order a signed copy of her book or sign-up for the Confident Woman FREE monthly e-zine, go to

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