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August 2006


Happy summer and welcome to the first issue of the Confident Woman e-zine. I'll be responding to readers' questions in future issues, so feel free to e-mail me your questions.

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  • Overwhelmed? Five Steps to Take Back Your Life

    Do you spend your energy worrying about everything you have to do instead of actually doing it? Has making dinner, picking up the dry cleaning or responding to e-mails become a monumental effort? Is your to-do list growing at unmanageable rates?

    Lately, I’ve been observing what happens when I find myself in this undesirable place. I noticed that when I start to feel overwhelmed, I go to great lengths to check ‘just one more thing’ off of my to-do list. While this short burst of frenzied activity allows me to accomplish one thing, by the time I get to the second item, I’m totally exhausted.

    So, I decided to try an experiment. For the last week, I tried to give into this stuck feeling; to surrender to it and to see what happens. When I slowed down, I noticed that the culprit was often unrealistic expectations of myself and my time.

    When I started to have these unrealistic expectations of myself, it became easy to lose sight of why I committed to doing something in the first place. Once I became disconnected from the meaning behind my actions, it was easy to lose motivation. Losing motivation for one thing quickly snowballed into losing motivation for another thing, which contributed to an ever-growing to-do list and, eventually feeling overwhelmed.

    Instead of giving into this frenzy, I decided to take some time to re-connect with what’s important to me - exercise, meditation, laughter and fun. Now I’m in the process of figuring out how to incorporate these into my everyday life.
    So, when you’re overwhelmed, instead of trying to get as much done as quickly as you can, try slowing down to get re-connected with the meaning behind your actions. Try a few of these exercises to help you slow down:

    1) As often as possible, stop for a moment and take several deep, relaxing breaths.

    2) Do something that you used to do as a child. Run through a sprinkler, swing on a swing-set or draw a picture.

    3) Go outdoors for as long as it takes get perspective. Take time to notice the details of nature – look up at the clouds, smell the grass, snow or rain and feel the fresh air on your skin.

    4) Run up and down your stairs or do some jumping jacks or push-ups for 10 minutes. Explore how getting out of your mind and into your body helps you to feel both calm and energized.

    5) Watch a funny movie or read a funny book. Laughter provides perspective and makes everything feel more manageable.

    Spend a week trying these exercises and then look for patterns.

    What do you notice? What are you learning? What is possible from here?

    Write down what you learned or share it with your coach.

    The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try letting go of your expectations and measuring your accomplishments. Instead, focus on slowing down and re-connecting with what energizes and feeds you. When you’re connected with your values and the guiding principles of your life, you’re connected to the natural fuel for getting things done.

    Amber Rosenberg is the principal of Pacific Life Coach, a life and business coaching company that guides entrepreneurs, small business owners and other professionals to success on their own terms doing what they love. She is a contributor to the book 'Inspiration to Realization', a self-help book for women, a popular speaker, and a writer for Know Yourself Magazine. She also has 10 years marketing and PR experience for Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. To sign-up for a COMPLIMENTARY half-hour phone coaching session, order a signed copy of her book or sign-up for the Confident Woman FREE monthly e-zine, go to

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    Find out about workshops

    Book Release

    I'm contributor to the book 'Inspiration to Realization: Real Women Reveal Proven Strategies for Personal, Business, Financial and Spiritual Fulfillment' that will be available for purchase on my website on 9/1/06.

    My chapter is called: ‘How to Manage Your Love/Hate Relationship with Time’.

    Other chapters focus on: how to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty; tools to discover your secret weapon against stress; how to turn your small business into a brand-name success and much more.

    “The collective wisdom in this book is a critical resource for women who want to bring joy and fulfillment into their lives...every day."
    -- Ruth King, Author, The Ugly Truth about Small Business

    Success Stories:
    "Since I started coaching with Amber four months ago, I've lost 20 pounds and earned a promotion at work which has boosted my confidence to start dating again."
    -- J.S., Executive for Fortune 500 Company, San Francisco

    "As a result of coaching I've decided to open up my own business. Through working with Amber, I realized that life is too short to wait to pursue my passions."
    -- A.S, Entrepreneur, Palo Alto, CA

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